Tanzania TKO – Medium Roast


12oz Bag – Choose Whole Bean or Grind Type

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12oz Bag
Roast Level: Medium
Farm: Burka Estate
Region: Mount Meru, Arumeru District, Arusha Region
Elevation: 1,350 meters
Varietal(s): Bourbon, Kent, SL (Peaberry)
Process: Washed
In the Cup: Black Tea, Lemon, Sweet

Have you ever been hit by something so hard that you passed out? It’s not a pleasant experience, unless of course your hit by a great tasting cup of coffee. Now that’s a different story! This Tanzanian roast will flat TKO you. After the flavors of black tea and lemon pound your taste buds you’ll get a sweet aftertaste that leaves you dead on your feet. The judges will have no other choice but to rule a TKO. Give it a try!

Additional information

Weight12 oz
Grind Type

Whole Bean, Fine – Espresso Machine, Coarse – Pour Over, Drip – Regular Coffee Maker


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