About Us

We're a small coffee company and roaster in Missouri looking to have a global impact.

we sell delicious coffee

We source and sell only the most delicious coffee from around the world. We want to help you Punch Today in the Face with freshly roasted coffee each day.




Here are some pictures of our blends, coffees, roasting and more.

Our Mission

We’re just a couple of guys that love coffee, the sport of fighting, entrepreneurship and helping people in their fight.

Everyone is fighting for something in this life. We want to help people fight their best fight by waking up each morning and starting their day with the best coffee from around the world.

Whether you’re fighting to be the best husband, wife, father, mother, employee, role model or anything else, we want you to be the best you can be. Whether you’re battling for your life or fighting for your next promotion, coffee motivates and helps people do just that; be the best.

When people help others be the best they can be, everyone wins.

That is our number one mission; to help people fight their best fight and be the best they can be. We’d love to help you do that by putting a smile on your face each morning while you drink the best coffee in the world!




Hello. I’m Landen. I have a passion for all things coffee and sharing that with others. I believe the best coffee is sourced from small local farms around the world and roasted locally. Delivering coffee from those farms, roasted in the US straight to your cup is my passion.



Hello. I’m Brad. I like helping people get things done, great coffee gets you in that mindset to do great things. What’s even better is we have sourced our coffee from small growers where we can help their communities while we bring you a great cup. Join us and let’s move.