Big Joe Blend – Dark Roast

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12oz Bag – Choose Whole Bean or Grind Type

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12oz Bag
Roast Level: Dark
Region: Indonesia, Africa, & South America
In the Cup: Strong Body; Walnut, Dark Chocolate, Sweet Pipe Tobacco, and Dark Fruit

We all know Big Joe. He’s that guy that got in a lot of fights in high school, who was a line backer on the football team and then went on to play college ball where he tore his ACL and didn’t make the “big time”. He hit like a Mack truck and is the reason you stopped playing football in middle school. Yeah, that guy. This is him, in coffee form. Big Joe is a dark roast that hits hard with deep rich walnut and chocolate flavors, sprinkled with a hint of tobacco and fruit. You either like him or you don’t, but there is no getting around his bold flavor.

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Weight12 oz
Grind Type

Whole Bean, Fine – Espresso Machine, Coarse – Pour Over, Drip – Regular Coffee Maker

1 review for Big Joe Blend – Dark Roast

  1. Dan

    This is a very good blend the aroma is strong but pleasant. This is my daily brew but I want to try it as a coldbrew also.

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